Lost in the Multiverse

An adventure in Hell
Crafting begins

A dive into the Nether results in seeing many things from an altar built around the beacon to a hive of nether wasps. The group then explored a nether fortress and found a library. After a some what humorous way of gathering up the books they leave the fortress. On the way to the portal out a scuffle with some Ghasts results in the creatures fighting themselves. Once back the Wizard beginning research on the books they brought back, the group begins thier first craftings with Analine Malaire replacing her other arm to make space for inset foci.

The fight in the End
A Dragon in stone

The party visits the alternate worlds in Minecraftaria. Finding red caps in the twilight forest and various mobs in the nether before heading into the end. There they used their new found magic and allies to take down the ender dragon.

And onto new worlds
An explosive mishap

Sylvester Coolige , Jasmine Teller , and Analine Malaire were all pulled to the Hub World and delt with some of the Shadows. After turning on the security system and dealing with golems and bio creations, they got the gate put together. They passed through and ended up in Minecraftaria where they hunted some animals, found some loot, and spoke with villagers. They found out about the Tinker and the Wizard. After experimenting (including a mishap with Alumentum- a magical grenade) they headed off towards the mountain of the Tinker and found a metal door in the side of it.

Everything has a begining

All of your lives were going well (or not so well) when you suddenly saw a bright light, glimpses of other places, and then darkness. Waking in a small white room with three others, your lives have just taken a strange turn.


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