Sylvester Coolige

Professional car thief and driver


Attributes: (15 pts + 11)
Cor: 1d10
Frt: 1d6
Wit: 1d10
Wil: 1d6
Cha: 1d10
Drv: 1d8

Skills: (30 pts + 10)
5 Operate (Cor) +5
4 Defensive Driving +4

3 Diplomacy (Cha) +3
4 Streetwise +4

4 Manual Manipulation (Cor) +4
4 Mechanic +4

4 Profession (Mechanic/Wit) +4
4 Pre-95 Vehicles +4
4 Post-95 Vehicles +4

2 Stealth +2

2 Melee Combat +2


Born to an Italian family in Hell’s Kitchen, NY. Sly grew up in the concrete jungle. He always had a fascination for cars and speed, mostly in that order. Girls came in a distant third and later moved to 4th behind money after a particularly bad breakup in his teen years. After he tried to get into the racing circuits but didn’t know the right people and when he did land jobs in the circuits they failed to live up to his expectations. Over his years of loving, driving and working on cars he had plenty of knowledge about how get around security on them, break into and in general steal them. Hell he’d done it a few times in high school to people he didn’t like, so when he was down on his luck and needed money it wasn’t that much of a stretch to sell his services to some of the organized crime in New York. Problem was that he found that he was good at it and worse (or better) yet he even enjoyed it. What he meant to be just a short time job or two has turned into years of thefts and dodging the law. He’s known in many criminal circles all over the mid-east of the US. Life is good, well was good, this last job hasn’t exactly gone as planned. To many lights and guns pointing his way; “Ah well, it’s been a good run” he thinks looking out at the sea of cops and then… he’s elsewhere.

Sylvester Coolige

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